What You Need to Know About CoWorking Space

When the pandemic hit the world, most people switched to remote work or hybrid mode of work. Due to this, coworking spaces gained a lot of momentum in recent times. But what exactly is a co-working space?

Many myths and stories surround the topic of coworking spaces. Well, worry not! We got you covered. In this article, we will delve deeper into the basics of coworking spaces, how they are advantageous to you, and the various types of co-working spaces to look out for.

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything about coworking spaces. In this way, you can easily decide if you want to opt for one or not.

What is a coworking space?

According to Wikipedia, a coworking space refers to a common office where people from different companies work under the same roof. They can be from different backgrounds and have different projects to work on. It allows the sharing of various amenities, infrastructure, and office supplies that the space provides.

In simple words, coworking spaces are easy, convenient, and cost-effective. It is a neutral office space that is shared by individuals for working independently. Sometimes the people can belong to the same workgroup but wish to work independently on their projects.

There is a lot of flexibility that is associated with coworking spaces. You do not have to sign up for a long-term lease or agreement for the office space. You can also choose your time of work.

Coworking spaces have basics like furniture, conference rooms, WiFi, stationery supply, printers, snacks, and so on.

Types of coworking spaces

There are usually four types of coworking spaces. These are:

●       Open Workspaces

This is one of the most common types of coworking space as it is the first official open space. In this type of workspace, the people have their work desks that are shared with all the other members. All the members work independently for different companies.

●       Private Workspaces

Private workspaces are the antonyms of Open Workspaces. The idea is clear. At Private Workspaces, the same company rents out a room or large area for the members of the company. In these rooms, the members from the same company share the resources and work together. These are customized according to the needs of the team members. It is suitable for large teams.

●       Industry Specific

As the name suggests, this type of workspace is dedicated to people who share common interests and fields of work. It is suitable for people with creative professionals like graphic designers, photographers, and so on. This workspace is customized for people who want to reach a common creative goal. These workspaces are the perfect blend of private and open workspaces.

●       Venture or Incubators

This type of workspace is essentially built for companies that need funds to grow. A selected space is rented out to the individuals in exchange for equity in the company. The rent taken from these companies was s reduced as well. It is the best way for companies to grow.

Is coworking a future?

As the world progresses and technology thrives excessively, the young generation wants to experiment and explore every step of the way. Their exploration has also led them to turn towards the least traditional methods of earning money. Most of the youth are turning towards freelancing and entrepreneurship as their career choices. This gives them immense flexibility and understanding of how they perceive work. They don’t have to be committed to one company alone. They can widen their horizons as much as possible.

This has made way for coworking spaces across the globe. The demand for coworking spaces increased more after the pandemic. As the layoffs took place in large numbers, most people turned towards freelancing. Freelancers love to work in coworking spaces. Coworking is the new future for people who will enter the workforce next.

This does not mean that private office spaces will go out of style completely but most companies are also choosing remote or hybrid modes of work through coworking spaces. Although large companies will still exist, the growth of coworking spaces is evident in the next couple of years.

Advantages of coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are the new talk of the town. But why is it loved by people so much? Let’s find out:

●       Break from the monotony

When you work from home every day, things can become monotonous after a specific time. You will see yourself falling into a routine that can leave you feeling frustrated and irritated. With a coworking space, you will have the chance to step out of the house. Being around other people will keep your spirits up. You will feel motivated and uplifted towards your work.

●       Flexibility

If you’re looking for options that are not only affordable but also not long-term, coworking spaces are the best option for you. You just have to sign a short-term lease with the owner for your workspace. It works well for startups and freelancers.

●       Sense of belongingness

You will start developing a sense of belongingness when you see the same faces every day. These familiar faces will help you stay afloat and keep you uplifted. You will not feel isolated by working remotely anymore. This community will feel like home.

●       Networking

You will be among people with similar interests and fields. Eventually, you will network among them and new opportunities will knock on your door soon. Your growth will be organic.

●       Productivity

When you are in a space that has people working day in and day out for their goals, you will feel motivated to do the same. With so many hardworking and driven people, you will feel compelled to work. There will be productivity all around you. It will be nearly impossible to be lazy. You will get all your tasks done.

Things to consider while choosing a coworking space


The location is the most important thing to consider before you choose a workspace. It should be at a reasonable distance from your house. The road to your workspace should not be too crowded and ample transportation should be available to go there. You should also look for things like parking, restaurants, and shops in and around your location.

Work Environment

It is important to choose a work environment that is healthy for you. You should enquire about everything in advance so that you do not feel pressurized later. Make sure that you know everything about your desk, amenities, and members before you sign up.


You should have a close look at the money that you’re about to spend on your coworking space. You should see if the space lives up to the price you are paying for it. If your goals are not fulfilled, do not waste your time and energy on something unfulfilled.

Final Words

If you are intrigued by coworking, you should give it a try. You can try it for a short term and see if it works for you. If it works out for you, you can extend your lease. If it doesn’t, you can always leave. There is no such commitment in coworking spaces.

If you feel too stuck or bored in your current work environment, it is time to try coworking. It can do wonders for your mental space. You will get things way more than you do now!

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