Benefits Of Coworking Event Spaces For Networking And Professional Growth

Benefits Of Coworking Event Spaces For Networking And Professional Growth

If you are planning to broaden your networking horizon, you must explore innovative ways of building bonds with professionals. Thanks to coworking event spaces, you can easily get in touch with people from varied backgrounds and work fields, and it facilitates idea sharing. 

Events organised at coworking spaces highly encourage networking. These open up fresh channels for generating income and expanding businesses. Let’s see how a coworking event space is beneficial for networking and professional development. 

Reasons behind the rising demand for coworking spaces

Most budding co-working spaces nowadays have seminar rooms, conference halls, and auditoriums to organise work events. These facilitate community-building activities. 

In the coworking industry, this trend of holding member events has gained prominence. Some common member events can be lunch and learn, speaker series, social events, and a monthly sharing circle. 

A coworking event space is designed in such a way that it can host such events with proper access to technological amenities. The architectural plans and colour themes are decided, keeping in mind an energetic vibe that would make the place lively.

Role of Coworking Event Spaces in Networking & Professional Development

Here’s how coworking events spaces promote networking opportunities and lead to professional development:

  • Better promotions

Shared working spaces bring together experts from a wide array of backgrounds. They range from entrepreneurs, to freelancers, tech-startup owners to other professionals. Hence, they become a hub for varied talents under one roof as part of a community.

Gathering of people from diverse work backgrounds, in turn, helps in establishing a new network. Moreover, coworking spaces offer an instant audience that in any other setup would be difficult to arrange. 

The management of the coworking spaces becomes instrumental in promoting your event using their social media sites, websites and banners. Hence, this easy access to a good number of people as the target audience is one of the key aspects of holding such events at co-working spaces.

  • Technological edge

The success of any event requires access to technology, and networking events are no exception. Coworking spaces are fully equipped with every piece of technology you could possibly need for your event. High-end technology is available, including lighting, projection equipment, and sound systems. 

You only need to make the greatest use of these facilities to make these setups suitable for your function. As a result, organising a coworking event space brings together people with similar interests and professional aspirations. Such people are likely to engage in a constructive exchange of ideas. For instance, during a hackathon or programming challenge, the experts can collaborate and usher in novel ideas and innovation

  • Supportive environment

The environment of a coworking event space is ideal for a networking event and allows a productive exchange of ideas and discussion on future possibilities. A conference room confers the opportunity for serious discussions, and lounge areas are available for enjoying breaks and networking while relaxing. Hence the setup promotes community building and interaction.

Several entrepreneurial ventures stem from casual discussions at these co-working spaces, which go on to make history. In some coworking spaces, it is evident that they design places that cater to a certain demographic. 

You can locate a coworking space specifically for the technology or healthcare industries, for example, which brings together people from similar backgrounds and encourages greater bonding amongst them.

  • Range of events

Coworking event spaces allow multiple events at coworking spaces ranging from seminars to social events, promotional activities, talk shows, corporate workshops, health initiatives like blood donation drives, or simple gaming parties. A wide range of activities helps people bearing different preferences to come together and bond with like-minded people and socialise.  

For instance, tech-friendly people can bond over hackathons and gaming events, while the ones in social work may be enthusiastic about arranging a health camp or blood donation camp, or mental health talk shows. Hence it provides a wide array of options for diverse people to come together and participate in community activities.

  • Meet and greet

Such event spaces can be used by freelancers. This allows them to expand their networking and come to meet potential employers or like-minded people with whom they can collaborate on a professional project. 

Freelancers greatly utilise these opportunities to gather new information about work opportunities. They can also improve their skill sets through varied training events or workshops. They learn about new career options and set out to explore new avenues which help them generate revenue.

Types of Coworking Space Events

The common programmes that can be organised in a coworking event space include:

  • Lunch events often include discussion sessions, when a quick lecture on a recent technological advancement or commercial breakthrough may be organised. Alternatively, you might organise a presentation that the members may see over lunch and hold an educational session.
  • Speaker series may be another format where a subject matter expert may conduct a workshop or collaborative teamwork, contributing to team building. The talk sessions also enhance the knowledge of the listeners and make the process educational. You can record the event and later post it online to promote it, and it will fetch greater footfall in the next event.
  • In addition to business-related gatherings, you can also plan a social event to let people unwind and mingle freely. You can develop relationships with others and get to know them better, thanks to it. You might also plan enjoyable and stimulating group activities that will uplift the participants’ morale.
  • Keeping the subject of mental health in mind, you might organise an event to raise awareness about it and invite a prominent psychologist as the keynote speaker. This practice would not only help everyone relax and unwind from work, but it would also serve the societal aim of raising awareness about mental health.
  • Finally, you may organise a competition or a hackathon challenge. Professionals from various technological backgrounds can demonstrate their skills. It might be an excellent chance for freelancers to exhibit their abilities and gain the attention of potential employers. As a result, such a coworking event space can also produce job possibilities.

How to Promote Coworking Event Space?

If you are planning to organise an event at the coworking spaces, you must chalk out a plan for promoting it as well for the greatest footfall. This community-building endeavour also requires a plan for publicity, and you can initially start at a small scale by first informing the other members of varied teams at the shared workstations. 

  • You can send formal emails of invitation and conduct follow-ups.
  • Other promotional activities like setting up stands and banners can further create awareness of the event.
  • To ensure the event’s success, you can also plan a grand-scale promotion by reaching out through social media using paid promotions. Additionally, this can attract more traffic to your website.
  • You can include the invitation or notification of the event in the member community feed or in-app events calendar.

Role of OFIS Square in Reinventing the Idea of Coworking Spaces

Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals and entrepreneurs, can choose from a wide range of office space options at OFIS Square. Encouraging an interactive atmosphere that fosters talent and new opportunities opens new avenues for the development of multiple innovations. 

OFIS Square’s coworking space in Noida offers a novel perspective to the idea of remote work. Amenities offered by OFIS Square include modern conference spaces with technology for hosting both online and offline events and meeting rooms for people to come together and share their ideas. 

Final Words

Hosting such networking events in a coworking space in Noida can be highly beneficial for your business or entrepreneurial venture. At OFIS Square, you can avail of cutting-edge facilities and high-tech auditoriums that are perfect coworking event spaces.

It is better to plan the event in the coworking space rather than somewhere else to draw a larger audience from various fields who can share unbiased feedback. You can access new technology, get ideas for new ventures, and even meet resourceful people during such events who may aid you in your endeavours.

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