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Managed Offices Space: The Best Workspace Solutions For SMEs

The demand for office space across the world is increasing as businesses today prefer a more flexible approach to their office space needs rather than the traditional options. As a result of this, managed workspaces are becoming increasingly popular among small and medium-sized businesses. The reason being, they offer a flexible, cost-effective, and professional workspace solution that can help them grow and succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment. As such, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for SMEs looking for an alternative to traditional office space.

According to a recent study, the flexible workspace valuation globally is slated to reach USD 111.68 billion at a CAGR of 17.1%.

Managed office providers like OFIS Square offer businesses a solution that meets these needs, providing them with a range of flexible office space options that can be easily scaled up or down as their needs change.

What are managed office spaces? 

Offering all the advantages of a traditional office space, managed office spaces are built for commercial use of space. This type of office space paves way for more privacy, increased control and additional security, in addition to being quite cost-effective. Managed office spaces can also be built according to custom design and layout, which implies that it is exclusive to the company.

OFIS Square provides managed office solutions that come equipped with all the essentials of running an office. Starting from the office furniture to the cleaning services, you will get access to everything under the leasing agreement. Moreover, the office spaces from the brand has dedicated conference rooms, guest rooms, etc. to organise any event or arrange a client meeting.

Why are managed offices the suitable workspace solutions for small businesses?

Managed office spaces are a great choice for workspace solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It is because of the various features and benefits offered by managed offices. Look at some top-notch benefits of managed offices that suit SME workspace solutions. 

  • Greater flexibility

Maximum managed office leasing agreements are usually for 1 to 3 years, or sometimes much shorter alternatives exist. This feature of managed offices is attractive to small firms and start-ups that need more financial support to keep the agreement for extended periods. 

Moreover, if the company or business sees a growth or even if it undergoes restructuring , it can adjust and move to smaller or larger premises per the condition. The agreement can last much longer than standard if you have a well-established and more significant company. This ensures the security and stability of your workplace. 

  • Lower risk and cost

The leasing here is fixed beforehand. So, the business can make a budget of all their costs and spend accordingly. As it is the client who decides the requirements, a budget is a good way to use less capital.  

Moreover, the monthly or quarterly payments are finalised after including all the provided aspects of the workspace. Hence, there are no chances of any hidden cost that may later up the overall expenditure of the client.

  • 100% customised offices 

This is the most critical feature of managed offices that small businesses prefer the most. Managed offices permit rooms for different companies to customise the workspace in a way that they may like. It includes offering desks for tiny groups and various layouts for bigger teams.

Additionally, being tailored spaces individually, the space procuring and daily operations are taken by the third-party providers. With the balance of comfort, design, and brand identity being a top priority, businesses can choose a good focus on the primary operations.

Moreover, when you choose managed office space as your top priority, it will eliminate the need for businesses to spend more on expensive infrastructure or go for some extra maintenance costs. 

  • Control over the aesthetics

Shifting to managed workspaces is like filling colours on a blank canvas. In managed office spaces, you can use different types of equipment and furniture in place of the palette of colours. The main benefit is that you can create an environment that perfectly matches your business. 

These aspects cover almost everything from lighting and desks to the branding display and colour scheme. Depending on your budget, you can equip your office with essential things. This is your office, so you can control the space that your employees will use.

  • Increased privacy

When you control your office, there will be much more privacy. For instance, you do not share building parts with other companies, so no one else can interrupt your peace and privacy. 

These aspects will permit your employees to work precisely and focus on the main work in the workspace without any distractions. Also, privacy is much more important for everyone, especially for those working on sensitive material or when working or planning, or discussing confidential corporate works.

How is OFIS Square defining the industry?

Managed offices are the best option if you have a small to medium-sized business. However, there may be trouble in finding an ideal managed office, and this is where OFIS Square is the expert that you need. 

The properties from OFIS Square provide amenities including conference rooms, recreational spaces, guest rooms, a terrace garden, and high-speed Wi-Fi, to name a few. Additionally, the company offers a dedicated workspace and a virtual office too. 

The key feature of managed offices is that they are fully furnished, fully serviced, and ready to use, allowing businesses to move in quickly and focus on their core activities without the hassle of managing physical office space. 

Moreover, OFIS Square’s centres have good connectivity with the main roads. It is one of the best places for established enterprises, start-ups, and independent contractors to grow their trades to the next level.

Final thoughts

The growth of SMEs and MSMEs in India has been significant, and these organisations are contributing significantly to the advancement of the economy. As a result, they are looking for office spaces that will help them to manage the cost yet offer them a professional workspace. This is where the managed office solutions from OFIS Square come into play. Companies can now easily lease these places and start operating without any delays.

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