Benefits Of Professional Office Space In Noida For Enterprise

Noida, one of the fastest-growing cities in India, is now emerging as the place to be for all the leading companies. Being a part of Delhi NCR, this city is now aiming to be the next big metropolis of the country. So, finding a suitable office space in Noida is not a hassle anymore, and OFIS Square can help you find the best options.

But, the question now is, why Noida, of all places? Well, let’s find out.

Benefits of choosing a business centre in Noida

Here are some of the highlighting reasons why Noida is favoured by companies to set up offices –

  • Noida is well-connected.

One of the primary reasons behind choosing an office space in Noida as the setup office is that the city is well-connected via public transport. You will get buses, auto-rickshaws, and metro to travel within the city and outside. The road network connecting Noida to other cities is impressive, and additional improvements are being made to make it even more accessible. The metro line connecting Noida is operational, and additional work is going on to elevate its service even more.

Also, being close to Delhi means you have access to one of the best airports in the country, the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Also, there is a new Noida International Airport in the works, which will further improve the connectivity quotient of the city. 

  • There’s plenty of talent waiting to be discovered.

Besides the IT hub, Noida is also an educational hub. From private educational institutions such as Jaypee Institute and Amity University to government educational institutions, the city is brimming with numerous higher educational institutes.

Therefore, you have access to a highly skilled and educated workforce, and recruiting for your company becomes easier. Also, with Noida being a business hub, you can easily find experienced professionals as well to bring a good mix of youth and experience to the team. 

  • A supportive community

The main advantage of having an office space in Noida is numerous networking opportunities. This place attracts various industries like marketing, IT, product development, design, etc. 

Moreover, the community is supportive and always welcomes new opportunities for collaboration. Along with that, Noida is one of the leading start-up hubs, so securing funding for a venture is not an issue at all.Point to note: A recent survey also suggests the same; the demand for office spaces in the Delhi NCR is likely to reach 11 million sq. ft. in 2023. And Noida will contribute heavily to it.

What are the options available for offices?

Based on your growth plans and team size, many options for office space in Noida are available for you. Some of the essential options to consider are as follows: 

  • Private office space

The private office offers a professional space to concentrate on your critical projects and connect with your potential clients. Fully equipped and furnished office spaces are available easily.

Leasing an office can assist you in reducing your costs and other expenses associated with buying new furniture and other stuff. Private offices offer you the best amenities. It mainly includes high-speed internet, break rooms, meeting areas, etc. 

  • Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are a great alternative to traditional offices. Here, you can only lease the area you need and utilise it to your advantage which means no long agreement and hefty overhead costs. Also, if you increase the workforce, you can easily expand the office space by leasing a bigger area.

  • Managed offices

Managed office space in Noida can be a great workspace solution. Here, you get a workspace that is equipped with all the essentials to run an office, and you have the liberty to add anything if you want. Hence, they are perfect for companies who are looking for a ready-to-move-in office.

Why do managed offices and co-working spaces make sense?

For the past few years, managed offices and co-working spaces have had a great impression, and it is because of the following reasons:

  • Truly effective budgeting

Even with a specialist financial team, determining the best cost-effective techniques can be tough. This is where these modern office space solutions come to play. Managed offices and co-working spaces are some cost-effective solutions you can find in the market. Usually, the fee you pay is all-inclusive, and you can use the services without worrying about additional expenses.

As a result, the more control you have over office expenses, the better you can plan for the firm’s future.

  • Adaptability in organisations

For instance, you are just starting a business or setting up a new unit. In a situation like this, you don’t need a big office space. With a co-working space, you can lease a small area for a short time and start operating.

Once the team grows and you plan to expand, you can lease a managed office to accommodate them. The leasing agreement also remains lenient, so you can plan accordingly.

Owing to this flexibility, firms can easily manage their office spaces in Noida and better plan their future.

  • Outstanding operational performance

As specified above, the additional services, like utilities, cleaning, etc., are included in the leasing agreement, and you don’t need to bear any additional cost for that. Also, in co-working spaces from OFIS Square, you get access to printers, projectors, audio-visual equipment, etc. As a result, you don’t need to invest in them.

A well-planned workplace with all the amenities helps the employees to perform better. It reflects in the seamless functioning of the team that results in operational excellence and business expansion.

The contribution of OFIS Square to this industry

Co-working spaces and managed offices are preferred because of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and other amenities. So, if you are looking for a co-working and managed office in Noida, then look nowhere beyond OFIS Square.

OFIS Square has some of the best-managed office and co-working spaces in Noida in its portfolio. The company provides many affordable workspace solutions which are highly flexible. Moreover, their co-working spaces are established to promote productivity and collaboration. Apart from the seating area, the firm has an auditorium, a movie theatre, a video studio, and a boardroom.

Here are the different amenities that the company offers:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference room
  • Secure and private cabins
  • Central air conditioning
  • Cafeteria
  • Videos studio
  • Collaboration room
  • Buffet area
  • Recreational zones, including terrace garden

Moreover, their private offices offer businesses fully equipped and professional office space. Their virtual solutions provide companies with the best business address, call answering, and mail handling services. 

Bottom line

Choosing your business centre in Noida offers various advantages to businesses. The city being the business hub of the region, you get to explore many opportunities. So, if you plan to set up a business here, opting for a managed office or a co-working space is an excellent way to move forward. In this regard, you can look at the options from OFIS Square and find the office space in Noida that fits your needs perfectly.

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