OFIS Square’s Gurugram Terrace Garden A Unique and Inspiring Workspace

OFIS Square’s Gurugram Terrace Garden: A Unique and Inspiring Workspace

The increasing effects of global warming are affecting the way of nature, which is prompting climate change. As a result of this, the effort to find sustainable solutions are also increasing, and the same is also true for designing and developing office buildings.

With an increased focus on sustainability, real estate developers are also focusing on developing properties with green areas. One stunning example here is the coworking office space in Gurgaon from OFIS Square. A report from CBRE has noted that almost one-third of India’s office spaces in 6 major cities are now certified green buildings. Furthermore, the stock of such green buildings increased by 177% to 212 million square feet in 2021.

OFIS Square has introduced a new terrace garden on its Gurugram property


A Forestry Commission for Green Design survey stated that natural space helps employees recharge their brains and focus better on specific tasks. The report made the remarks that in this process worker’s attention is engaged without any extra effort. 

Keeping this in mind, OFIS Square launched its new venture at Gurugram. Adding to their top facilities is a terrace garden that makes this place stand out from other buildings. Nevertheless, the real idea of such an open and green space is to help you relax amid a busy day.

But what makes it inspiring and unique? Well, the plants selected for this space are perfectly suitable to the climate, and to give them more character, the positioning of the lights help. So, if you are tired after a hectic day, an hour in this pleasing environment will help you recharge. Also, the use of colours, furniture and the space’s overall design is unlike any terrace garden you have seen. It has adequate space for you to organise team meets, in the fresh air and outside of the same conference room.

Apart from this terrace garden, OFIS Square also provides many other amenities that create a better coworking office space in Gurgaon and enhance the overall experience.

Premium cabins

Even though OFIS Square is all about a shared office experience, you can still get separate premium cabins if needed. This way, you can get both the shared office experience and individual space for more privacy.


OFIS Square offers a 90+ seater auditorium with a buffet area for team meetings, start-up meetings, and seminars. You will get a complete experience here.  

Conference room

It can fit teams of all sizes. With complete digital connectivity, you can host meetings and even online sessions here without any hassle.

Board Room

Take important decisions for pressing matters of your company and the core team in a completely furnished board room.

Movie theatre

OFIS Square also provides you with an in-building movie theatre at the coworking office space in Gurgaon where you can take your employees for a short break. So, no more going through the hassle of arranging the event.

Apart from these client-specific benefits, OFIS Square also has some amenities common to everyone. Like –

  • Wi-Fi with good speed
  • Complete air conditioning of the building
  • 24/7 electricity backup
  • Multi-purpose printers
  • Cafeteria and buffet
  • Recreational areas

Why are green recreational spaces important in a workplace?

As part of corporate social responsibility, companies are moving ahead, keeping in mind that they should be positively impacting the environment. For that, the first thing is to start designing and structuring your office space in tune with nature.

Therefore, sustainability has become a significant part of corporate development. And designing your workspace with green recreational spaces paves the way for less ecological footprint. There are manifold benefits to such a structuring. Let’s have a look at those benefits –

Mental and physical health

Stress is one thing that affects workers very severely. Working in a free open space in fresh air refreshes the mind. Research says that putting trees inside a workspace can increase productivity by 30%. Natural light also gives out a positive vibe. And a rooftop garden area combines all these facets helping employees to relax and improving their mental and physical health.

Satisfaction of employees

A pleasant work environment helps the workers to remain satisfied. They feel rejuvenated, and their creativity also hikes up, which results in better results. 

Stimulates critical thinking

Studies show that a greener workspace increases the ability to make better decisions, solve problems, and have a better thought process. When the employees get more comfort in their offices, there will be fewer distractions, which means better results. So, having a green recreational area like a rooftop garden makes much more sense as it encourages critical thinking among employees.

Reduces absenteeism

As per experts, greener offices have less absenteeism due to illness. The reasons are simple: employees who work in a relaxing environment surrounded by greenery are more inclined towards visiting offices as it offers the comfort they often lack at home. Also, it helps them in their work and achieve better results.

The reputation of the company

Having a greener recreational area in the office premises is also good for the company’s image. It projects that the firm is environmentally conscious and thinks about the well-being of its employees. Also, investors and clients are often more interested in environmentally conscious companies. So, to help your case, OFIS Square has the right solutions at our coworking office space in Gurgaon.

Benefits of using co-working or managed offices spaces

benefits of coworking space

Co-working space means shared working arrangements between two or more businesses and individuals. In the recent past, this concept of shared offices or co-working has grown to be extremely popular.

Sense of community building

Co-working in shared spaces allows you to mingle with like-minded people. This helps in generating a sense of community building.

Productivity boost

Working under constant supervision makes an employee more productive. While working separately can delay the completion of assigned tasks. So, coworking office space in Gurgaon can improve the productivity of your company.

Forms new collaboration

You can share the space with any company working in a similar kind of field to you. It becomes easy to collaborate on different projects.

Flexible and affordable

The space is shared among multiple businesses and is usually leased for a short term. And since most of the companies are start-ups, this arrangement becomes highly affordable.

Wrapping it up

Keeping in mind all these factors, OFIS Square has designed an ecologically sustained office building. This shared space for coworking in Gurgaon has in mind both the comfort of employees and leaving less carbon footprint. The beautiful terrace garden of OFIS Square is added to its unique and inspiring features and some of the country’s most aesthetically pleasing office spaces.

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