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OFIS Square’s – Office Space in Gurgaon with Impressive Terrace Garden

As a part of Delhi NCR, Gurgaon has seen a meteoric rise in its economic development. Over the past couple of decades, the city has transformed into a business hub, and thus, finding an office space in Gurgaon has become quite a hassle.

What further highlights this struggle is a recent report that suggests that the demand for office spaces in Delhi NCR is set to reach 11 million sq. ft. in 2023.

However, the question is, what are the options? Well, for that, OFIS Square is at your rescue. The Gurugram, or Gurgaon center from the brand, offers some of the best workspace solutions in the market. Besides all its amenities, introducing a terrace garden has bought the much-needed greenery within the urban concrete jungle, giving your employees a space to refresh their minds.

A closer look at OFIS Square’s Gurugram Centre with a terrace garden      

The Gurugram Centre of OFIS Square aims to change your perception of office spaces with the introduction of its new terrace garden. The brand has installed a magnificent 2000-square-foot garden that distinguishes this shared office space in Gurgaon from the competition.

Furthermore, this peaceful green area gives a welcome respite from the bustle of the city, and a terrace garden in an office space provides a natural blend of nature and a work environment.

Ofis Square terrace garden
Ofis Square tarrace garden

So, let’s take a closer look at the terrace garden –

Greenery and Plant Selection: First and foremost, the terrace garden has a good selection of plants that suits the climate and environment. The plants are selected based on their ability to thrive outdoors and provide natural beauty to the space.

Seating Areas: The terrace garden is transformed into a cosy seating area. Co-workers can sit and work or relax amidst the greenery. Comfortable chairs and couches are placed in the area.

Outdoor Meetings: The terrace garden can also be used for outdoor meetings. This can be especially useful for small team meetings or brainstorming sessions. Adequate seating and tables are placed in the area to facilitate these meetings.

Lighting: Good lighting is essential to make the terrace garden an inviting space for co-workers. Soft lighting is installed to enhance the space’s ambience, making it more comfortable and relaxing.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the terrace garden is done to keep it attractive and healthy. 

Ultimately, the beautiful natural mix will increase employee social interaction and collaboration. As a result, you will get a more positive work environment and better work outcomes.

So, you now know the facts of this lavish garden in office space; let’s see what amenities you will enjoy here. 

Amenities you get with this office space in Gurgaon from OFIS Square

The office space is equipped with several utilities to fulfil the demands of modern professionals. The rooms are elegantly decorated with many windows and natural light to create a relaxing and motivating work atmosphere.

 Let’s discuss these amenities of this office space in Gurgaon one by one –

High-speed Internet connection: Fast and reliable internet is essential for any modern office space. This working space also has a full-time Wi-Fi connection, enabling you to work tension-free. 

Conference rooms: The Gurugram office space has decorated and well-designed conference rooms, premium cabins and even a video studio. These will make your presentations and meetings impressive. 

Reception and waiting areas: A welcoming reception area and waiting room create an excellent first impression on clients and visitors. You also have an ATM within the building for your convenience.

Cafeteria and recreational spaces: Moreover, You have a fully-equipped cafeteria here, and you can drink water or tea or coffee here. It also allows employees to relax and recharge during their workday.

Printing and scanning facilities: With this shared office space, you can access printing and scanning facilities. A multipurpose photocopier will save you time and increase productivity for employees.

Cleaning and maintenance services: Regular cleaning and maintenance services keep the office space clean and comfortable for employees and visitors.

Security: Office spaces from OFIS Square are equipped with adequate security measures. It includes key-card access, security cameras, and alarm systems.

Parking facilities: Convenient parking facilities will make commuting to work easier for employees and visitors.

Constant power supply: All the office spaces from OFIS Square ensures you have a continuous power supply. Even if there is a power cut, there are backup options to eliminate any such issues. 

Visitors lounge: You now have a dedicated visitor’s lounge decorated with chairs and couches. So, no more welcoming everyone into the office floor. 

IT support: In today’s era, an office cannot function without IT support, and in the Gurugram Centre of OFIS Square, you will get continuous IT support. So you can work without interruptions. 

Greenery is vital in an office to know why? 

Greenery is vital in an office environment for several reasons, and here are the highlighting ones –

Improving air quality: Plants are natural air purifiers that absorb harmful toxins from the air, and these clean and release clean oxygen and enhance the air quality in the Office.

Boosts productivity: Research shows that plants help improve focus and productivity. Working in a green environment reduces employee stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Enhances aesthetics: Plants add natural beauty and texture to a sterile office environment, boosting employee morale and making the Office a more pleasant workplace.

Reduces noise: Green plants can absorb sound and reduce the noise level. This is especially important in open-plan office spaces with high noise levels.

Improves health: Greenery is directly linked to improved mental health and reduced stress levels. Due to this, absenteeism rates fall, and you get improved overall employee health.

Overall, the inclusion of a terrace garden in an office space in Gurgaon can create a more inviting and healthy workspace, which can positively impact employee well-being and productivity.

Ending thoughts

The OFIS Square Gurugram Centre has developed office space, unlike anything you have witnessed before. The terrace garden has made this property more appealing, and at the same time, it has functionalities too. It has provided a natural and relaxing environment for employees and enabled companies to stand out as a brand that cares.

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