A comprehensive guide to understanding the differences between serviced, conventional, and managed offices

A comprehensive guide to understanding the differences between serviced, conventional, and managed offices

If you are looking for office space, choosing the correct one is extremely important for your business. The type of office space you choose also determines your staff morale and affects how you carry on day-to-day activities. Apart from all this, it also marks your brand image. So, office is suitable for all the right reasons. Therefore, you can understand the benefit of choosing an office space here.

Moreover, when choosing an office space in Noida, make sure of the following factors – the location of the space, the costs involved, the size of the space, the infrastructure offered (if any), and whether the space represents a contemporary look or otherwise. With the growth of the start-up culture and how large corporations are shifting to new buildings, To convince you further, the demand for office spaces in Delhi NCR will touch 11 million sq. ft. in 2023. there are three different types of office spaces available today namely – serviced, conventional, and managed offices. 

Read along to understand which office will be the best suited for your business. 

A Brief Overview of Serviced, Conventional and Managed Offices

An office space in Noida could be a small room, an entire building, or a single floor. Today employees are not only concerned about which company they work for, but they additionally take into account the facilities available within the office premises, infrastructure, and the work style. 

Serviced offices

A serviced office is a type of office that is wholly furnished. This office space is also available with building management services and other additional facilities, such as internet connection, meeting room, communal break rooms, printers, telephones, Wi-Fi, reception staff, cleaning services, and similar other facilities. The leasing agreement is pretty flexible, as businesses can either take a single office or an entire floor. Moreover, the process is hassle-free as the building operator takes care of almost everything, in exchange for which you only have to pay a monthly fee. 

Managed offices

There is a common misunderstanding that serviced and managed offices are the same, but in reality, they are a lot different. Managed office spaces are a type of purpose-built office space. Companies opting for it have a lot of control over the space. For instance, they can furnish and equip the space in a way that suits their business needs. While hiring it, the space is almost empty, offering businesses more control over the space. Apart from this, managed offices sometimes feature some basic infrastructure and admin services which are included in the monthly fee. 

Conventional offices

Conventional office space in Noida is leased to a company at a price per square foot per annum. However, businesses can use the space entirely the way they want after taking the landlord’s consent. Once the lease agreement is done, the company must manage and maintain the different facilities. Additionally, you can add your brand identity at the entrance of the building and anywhere else. Unlike other types of office spaces, the lease agreement for conventional offices is available for a longer period of time.  

The Difference Between Serviced, Conventional, and Managed Offices

The difference between serviced, conventional and managed offices

OFIS Square is Changing The Landscape of Office Leasing

OFIS Square The Office Space in Noida Sector 62 s changing the idea of managed offices and co-working spaces by offering facilities like:

  • Tech-enabled meeting rooms
  • Movie theatre
  • Unique and comfortable infrastructure
  • Video studio
  • Collaboration room
  • Board room
  • Conference room
  • Secure and private cabins
  • Cafeteria
  • Buffet area
  • Auditorium
  • Recreational spaces

OFIS Square aims to promote an ergonomic and modern culture that enables everyone in the company to work side by side independently. And all these facilities are available to you on a very pocket-friendly budget.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are a start-up owner or have been running a large organization for quite some time now, it is best that you understand the terms and conditions of leasing conventional, managed, or serviced office spaces. The cost of getting these office spaces in Noida, flexibility, privacy measures, available facilities, and space control is entirely different. Thus, the best way to choose the ideal office space for your company is to estimate the pros and cons of the three types of office spaces. Furthermore, analyzing your long-term business plans is also recommended and beneficial.

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